Get a full-body workout with the Xergym® Bar Kit, combing strength and resistance training with one Xergym® Bar and three levels of The Original Xertube®. For standard exercises, you can stand on the tubing and do curls, shoulder presses, and squats. Then to change resistances you can either roll the tube around the bar or change the Xertube being used, or a combination of both! To connect The Original Xertube® to the Xergym® Bar you simply place the handles of the tube inside the bar and secure the end caps. The bar is 32" long and comes apart, and the Xertubes are lightweight, making both easy for traveling and storage. The Original Xertubes come in three color coded resistances ranging from light to heavy. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide. A $72 value!

Xergym® Bar Kit Features:

Combine strength and resistance training
32" bar that comes apart and lightweight tubes for easy travel and storage
Includes the Xergym® Bar and three levels of Xertubes
Downloadable exercise guide
A $72 value
Measurements: 32" long bar