Unisex Ring

Unisex Ring

CONTENTS: 1 smooth dome rubber ring
RING SIZE: 6mm wide x 1 mm thick
MATERIAL: Surgical-grade silicon
WHY OURS?: Genuine metallic color that don't rub off

Rarely does jewelry work so universally for men and women. This is the CK One fragrance of silicone wedding rings for men and women. Measuring in at 6mm width by 1mm thickness, this revolutionary ring is designed to bring the best out of everyone. It is simple yet sophisticated. Polished yet practical. Who knew a rubber wedding ring could be so comfy and such a great conversation starter?

How are our silicone rings are different?
Unlike most silicone wedding bands, which are cast from a mold then sprayed with color, our rubber rings are crafted with the color baked in, so the metallic properties are permanent and the color won't rub off over time. Moreover, our rings are made from premium surgical grade latex and designed to last.

Why wear silicone rings?
The simple and non-technical reason is because they are awesome. The feel great on your hand and are symbolic of the sanctity of your relationship, only the are a) more practical b) safer -- you'll never have to take it off or worry about jamming your ring finger c) kinder on your checkbook d) more ecological e) all the rage for a reason.

Who wears silicone wedding bands?
Rubber wedding rings may have been weird or hokey at one time. Over the past few years we've seen a steep rise in demand for our rubber wedding rings for men and women who are: athletes, adventurists, people who work with their hands, allergic to metals, functional fashion forward, or just recognize how slick silicone wedding rings are.

How do I know which size to get?
Great question. Scroll through the images we posted and find the handy instruction guide. You'll see how to easily measure your finger and then find the right size in the chart on the following image.

What if it doesn't fit or I don't like it?
Fear not. If you find your ring is too big, too small, or just not your style then send us an email at support@rubberbanditz.com and we'll refund or exchange it for free.