The SPRI® Weighted Bar will help you build lean body mass and muscle definition with these 4 to 6 foot weighed bars. Perfect for strength training, flexibility and balance in conjunction with various workout programs. Each bar has foam-cushioned padding, giving a new twist to your workout routines. The ends of the bars have molded color-coded end caps that provide easy-to-identify bar weights and are specifically designed to remain tight and secure. Available in weights ranging from 6 to 36 pounds. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide. The SPRI Weighted Bar will be a great addition to your strength training equipment.

SPRI® Weighted Bar Features:

Build lean body mass and muscle definition
Foam-cushioned padding
Color-coded weights
4 to 6 foot weights bars
Weights vary from 6 to 36 pounds
Downloadable exercise guide