Mike Bartos’ Stone of Steel â„¢ has been hailed as the biggest innovation in stone training in 3,000 years. Invented, patented and American-made by renowned strength coach and strongman competitor Mike Bartos, the Stone of Steelâ„¢ totally eliminates the mess of mixing and pouring concrete for molded stones - and will be delivered to you and ready to lift at any weight weeks before your first concrete stone has even dried.

You can warm up, perfect your technique, build strength and test maximal strength all with one stone. And because you load it with plates you already own, the Stone of Steelâ„¢ is scalable for all strength levels from beginner to elite.

Why should you add the Stone of Steelâ„¢ to your training program?

Utilize your own traditional weight plates
Incremental loading accommodates all strength levels
Fast, easy weight loading and adjustment
Less expensive than making your own concrete stones
Proprietary texture allows for heavy training without the need or mess of tack
Minimal storage space required
Easy to transport
Very durable 3/8″ wall thickness
Twelve 1/4″ thick steel braces to ensure the integrity of the sphere. Braces are strategically laser cut to allow the maximum amount of plates to be loaded.
A 1/2″ thick piece of flat bar is rolled and welded to the bottom hemisphere to strengthen the connection point of the stone at the equator.
Machined fitting at the north pole of the sphere to stabilize the loading pin while in use. Machined fitting at the south pole of the sphere to mount the loading pin to bottom hemisphere.
Loading pin is made of solid steel, 2″ thick round bar.
Spacers are cut from 1/4″ steel pipe.
This is not 2 pieces of steel bolted together. The Stone of Steel is a carefully planned piece of equipment that was three years in the making. It is a combination of 23 separate pieces (not including the spacers) that have been carefully blended together with passion, pride and purpose in every piece.